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our Offering

Aulcorp specializes in product sourcing from the European Continent

We have developed rapports with superior manufacturers that produce and attain tier 1 type products. Aulcorp offers private label projects in the following product categories. Aulcorp aspires to broaden this product base and introduce new and improved commodities into the marketplace that will cater to our customers.

Our niche

Product Offerings

Ready Meals | Aulcorp

Ready Meals


Speciality rice blends

Pasta dinner kits

Dry sauce mixes

Antipastos | Aulcorp


Sun dried tomatoes


Spicy vegetable mixes

Grilled vegetables

Pasta Sauces | Aulcorp

Pasta Sauces

Fresh pack sauces

Premium creamy sauces (alfredo-4 cheese)

Various tomatoes in tin-glass jars

Beverages | Aulcorp


Italian sodas

Mineral water

Carbonated spring water

Spring water

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